01 Sep

Counting & the Letter ‘C’ with an Apple Peeler

Can't get your children to eat fruit?

You're not alone! The more parents I speak to the more common it seems, from the extremes of only eating "white" food to just your typical fussy eater. One fantastic tool that has come highly recommended by a community member and is sure a hit in our house is the Apple Peeler, Slicer & Corer.

A simple machine that engages little ones in the kitchen and encourages them to eat fresh, hard fruit such as apples and pears.
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As the video demonstrates it's also a great tool, for unstructured, spontaneous learning through play, as we explore numbers and the letter 'C'. You could also use it to learn about the letter 'O'. 

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Product Review

There seems to be a range of prices from $15-$35 for various styles of the Apple Peeler, Slicer & Corer. We paid $25 for the red heavy duty model and it's worth every cent. It not exclusively for apples, it can also eel pears and potatoes with ease.
No need to assemble it should come in one piece. It's easy to clean and a reasonable size to stow in cupboard or shelf. It's relatively easy for children to use - with a bit of effort they can power through tough skin.
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Every time Robert Ulysses sees the "Apple Machine" on the shelf he asks for an apple. As you can see from our video it easy for a determined toddler to use with minimum effort and help from adults. It's as fun as you want to make it, but you don't have to be a kid to enjoy the silly spirals.
Children should always be supervised while in the kitchen, no matter what machine or piece of equipment their using. The 'Apple Machine" is no different. While it easy to use and relatively child-friendly it still has a number of sharp edges, prongs and working parts that could pinch little fingers. Please explain to your child the dangers involved and take care while using the machine. Our model comes with a suction pad that needs to be manually secured to a flat surface, to help keep it still and safe.

Hint & Tips

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