27 Aug

Fun Learning for Children: My First Kids Calendar

A fantastic learning tool to help toddlers and preschoolers understand the passage of time by engaging in a daily routine of reviewing "my first kids calendar".

Learn the words and the concepts behind the days of the week, the twelve months of the year, the year itself, and counting/constructing two-digit numbers with each date up to 31.

It's also and a great opportunity to learn about the four seasons and the different weather conditions experienced during these times, e.g. Winter can be "cold and windy". 

"My First Kids Calendar" can stimulate discussions about:

  • Your day - planning ahead (e.g. clothing - what to wear for different weather conditions, whether you'll need an umbrella, raincoat, beanie, or swimmers, etc.
  • The changing seasons - what each new season brings, the changing temperature; the changing colours of the tree leaves; how the days get shorter in Winter and long in Summer; the different activities you can do in each season, e.g. Visiting the Beach in Summer, Skiing in Winter.
  • The major seasonal events - when do you celebrate your special festive events?

  • Corresponding colours - matching the colours of the seasons with the relevant months.***
  • Numbers and counting - how many days in a week, how many days in each month, how many weeks in a month, how many months in year. You can also talk about double-digit numbers (10+), as well as why different months have different amounts of days, e.g. February and leap years.
  • Age & birthdays - how we grow, and counting down to their special day, as well as other family member's birthdays.
  • ***Northern and Southern Hemispheres season timings differ - talk about why this is so.
Kids calendar gets 4.5 star rating

Product Review - Why 4.5. Stars?

We purchased our calendar from ALDI for $24.99. Given this tool that will be used daily over several years AND has several working parts that would cost about the same if not more to make myself, we feel it provides excellent value.
This is a daily activity that could get boring if the calendar isn't made with colourful, tactile working parts. It does require parents to engage in the conversation and make it as fun as possible with interesting questions and informative details. It is advised for 3+ as the calendar does have a number of smaller working parts that some children may put in their mouth and may present as choking hazards.
It is advised that parents supervise children during the daily activity as the calendar does have a number of smaller working parts that some children may put in their mouth and possibly be choking hazards. It may also be helpful to hang your calendar in a place that is visible but not necessarily accessible to younger children.