Whether living in a house or an apartment, as a family, we’re always looking for ways to save space.
Here’s one simple life-hack that’s made a world of difference in our home.


Who knew a coat of chalkboard paint could provide an outlet for creative self-expression and fun, for both parents and children.

Paint a pot-plant container, in the area your children most like to play and arm them with all the colours of the rainbow.¬†You’re not just limited to paint planter boxes either, perhaps a feature wall? – you’re only limited by your imagination**.

Ideal for homeowners **but renters too, as you can paint your planter boxes and take them with you when you move. A great way to make the rented space your own, and fun for the kids.

Robert Ulysses Chalkboard Wall


You don’t have to follow the rules anymore, either, chalkboard paint is now available in a range of colours and at very affordable prices, ranging from $5 – $30 per pot, depending on what size you need, from your local hardware store or online. The cost of chalk is also affordable and comes in a range of sizes to suit growing hands. Chalk is readily available from your local variety and super stores, as well as online.

Chalkboard fun Robert Ulysses

It’s a fun outdoor activity for children to get some fresh air and their hands a little dirty, while honing their hand-eye coordination, learning to draw.

Use the blackboard as a teaching tool by scribbling shapes, letters, words, numbers – wherever the fun takes you.

It’s a different way to introduce colours and let the children draw freestyle!

Easy to clean-up, simply wash the chalk away with water, or let the rain do the job.


  • Great value – very affordable
  • Simple application
  • It can be applied to a variety of surfaces
  • Not limited to black
  • It’s fun!
  • A great opportunity to learn
  • Develops hand-eye coordination
  • Outdoor activity
  • Encourages an appreciation for art
  • An outlet for creative expression
  • A time-saving, “ready-to-use” activity
  • Easy to clean


  • DIY – you have to prepare and paint the surface yourself
  • If you don’t own your space your applications may be limited
  • You need to be clear with the children that it’s only the chalkboard furniture they can draw on!
  • Weather permitting
  • The dust from the chalk can be a bit messy