Start Time

10:00 am

July 14, 2016

Finish Time

5:00 pm

February 4, 2018


Gallery of Modern Art


Affectionately referred to as the "Sticky Dot" Yayoi Kasama's The Obliteration Room encourages children and adults to enter the world of the leading contemporary Japanese artist and 'obliterate' an Australian domestic space by adding colourful round stickers to white furniture, objects and surfaces in the large-scale interactive installation. Changing with the placement of every dot, The obliteration room is a dynamic artwork that constantly transforms, as hundreds of thousands of dots accumulate in the space.

It's an opportunity to truly collaborate with a world-renowned artist!

Families can take as much time as they like to explore the space and add their special touches. 

The obliteration room revisits the popular interactive children's project developed by Yayoi Kusama for the Queensland Art Gallery's fourth Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art in 2002.

This FREE 2017 interactive installation coincides with the 'Yayoi Kusama: Life is the Heart of a Rainbow' exhibition which opened on 04 November 2017 and includes a variety of the Artist's early and contemporary work.

GOMA Sticky Dot Obliteration Room Child Friendly exhibition 5-star review


The Exhibition and entrance into GOMA is FREE.
Located centrally within GOMA the exhibition is easy to access once inside. It is advised to take public transport (bus, train or city cat) to the South Brisbane stations as ($16 per day) parking is limited and parking at the near-by Southbank Parklands is expensive.
Most of the Gallery staff are friendly and helpful. The Obliteration Room Supervisor, however, was a bit abrupt and didn't seem to understand it was inevitable for a child to place dots on themselves, not just the furniture! He insisted all dots remain in the room and not on our person.
There's no age limit and children are welcome and encouraged to participate. There's no time limit and a number of objects and furniture to interact with.
GOMA requires children be supervised at all times, although there are no obvious safety issues in this exhibition, accept maybe contracting "sticky dot" syndrome ;p

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