My First Interactive Kids Calendar Craft Ideas

One thing ALL parents have in common is that their little one doesn't quite grasp the concept of time like adults do!

An interactive kids calendar is a fantastic learning tool to help toddlers and preschoolers understand the passage of time by engaging in a daily routine of reviewing "my first" calendar.

It's a fun way to engage with your child and stimulate discussions about their day and the ever changing world in which we live.

There's the obvious lessons such as learning the days of the week, months, years, and counting each date with numbers up to 31, as well as the four seasons and the different weather conditions experienced during these times. But it's also an opportunity to engage in some more in-depth discussions, such as the ones suggested here.

Robert Ulysses Giant ALDI My First Interactive Kids Calendar
It's also a great opportunity to create something together or build on a store-bought product. We purchased our Jack & Jill Giant learning Calendar from ALDI, but there are a number of great "My first" calendars available online.

Ours is made from double sided calico with a timber rod at the top and string for hanging. The detachable pieces are three-dimensional felt (with stuffing). They connect with the calico using velcro. It is 66 x 50.8cm and weighs almost nothing. I have seen some quality magnetic calendars from Melissa & Doug** too!

What I like about this one is that it is simple and not too over crowded. Some I've seen are jam-packed with the ideas for the day's activities, feelings (Happy, Sad, Angry, etc.), or are too simple, with just the basics and not the added level of thought, i.e. "Yesterday was?..." 'Today is....?" "Tomorrow is...?" These extra questions help continue the conversation about the structure of the week and how time passes.

Click here to read our full review and why we've given it 4.5 stars!

Hints & Tips on Making Your Own

  • Keep it simple - there's a lot of information for little ones to digest
  • Colour coordination - match up the corresponding colours for the season with their relevant months***
  • Use robust materials - this will be used daily by little hands over a course of several years, use washable, long-lasting materials
  • Leave some space - You and your little one may discover another conversation over time and like to include it on the calendar
  • Keep it Fun - as adults, we sometimes look at calendars in dread, if only it was light hearted and included colourful, fun shapes to help us get through the day! Use shapes to represent concepts wherever possible (e.g. a kite for "windy")
  • Highlight text - use a permanent marker or even sew on the words to create an extra tactile layer
  • Don't Forget to double up on your "number twos" (not that kind :p! ) You'll need 2 twos for the 22nd of every month!
  • Where are you? *** For those joining us from the Northern Hemisphere - please remember your seasons are opposite to ours in the Southern Hemisphere.
Melissa and Doug

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