Many parents struggle to get their little one to eat fresh fruit and vegetables. One really fun way of introducing apples and pears (and even raw carrots) into their diets is by using an "Apple Peeler, Slicer & Corer". Not just for apples, this machine skins hard fruit of various shapes and sizes, and creates a hollowed-out twirly spiral that's both visually and tactilely attractive to young (and old) children.

how to get kids to eat fruit and vege

An old adage that makes many parents cringe with unnecessary guilt. Children go through phases, but when they're simply refusing to eat any fruit or vegetables it's distressing, as we all only want the best for our kids, and that includes a healthy diet of fresh fruit and vegetables to help their mental and physical development.

Whoever said...

how to get kids to eat fruit and vege

Never had to get a toddler to eat something healthy (or knew anything about #FoodBlogging).

And then there's the argument that "the peel holds the most nutrition". Even if that is the case, the healthy fibre of the flesh is a good enough start.

Some community members have even shared that their child won't eat coloured food - No, not food that's been coloured by additives and preservatives, but food that is simply colourful, you know... their "greens". In other words, the child will only eat "white" food. Can you imagine trying to serve a menu of delicious, healthy meals that can only be comprised of colourless ingredients? Nothing but rice, pasta, potato, chicken breast and peeled apples!?? What a nightmare!

In our house, it's certainly a "whatever it takes" approach to get quality, whole-food into Robert Ulysses. Honestly, we've been really lucky not to have gone through the extremes of colour-discrimination diets or just that typical "fussy eater phase" YET... But for many of our friends, family and community members it's an up-hill battle, waged several times a day. The Apple Peeler & Corer is a fantastic tool that won't necessarily help you win the war but will certainly help get your little one tempted to taste the tantalising shapes, colours and textures created by the machine.

While Robert Ulysses gives the machine the "TWO THUMBS UP!" we HIGHLY recommend the Apple Peeler & Corer, for many reasons, but if nothing else - it's a chance to inject a bit of fun into your day. Read our full review and share your experiences by clicking here.

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